26 Jun 2011

Papua Weather, Papua Climate Information

The Indonesian climate of Papua is quite tropical in character, with high temperatures, plenty of strong sunshine and periods of heavy rain and wet weather. Throughout the year, the temperatures of Papua rarely move far from 29°C / 84°F or 30°C / 86°F.

Generally speaking, the climate of Papua is at its most pleasant and favourable between April and September, which is often described as the 'dry season'. However, if you are planning a holiday during the dry season, it may well still rain at times, and it can in fact rain at anytime in Indonesia, anywhere. Kota Biak, on the island of Pulau Biak, is an especially damp part of the region.
apua Weather and Climate: Seasonal Variations / When to Go - Papua, Indonesia, ID
The north and south coastlines of quite different and feature their very own climate zones. In northern Papua, the weather can be quite windy and rainy between the months of November and March, while on the southerly shore, it can be a little wet between April and October, even though this is actually considered to be the dry season in the south-easterly regency of Merauke.

If you are planning to visit the Baliem Valley of Papua, then the days between March and August are considerably drier than other months. Of note, coastal resorts tend to be hotter and more humid than towns around the highlands area.

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